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The World’s Deepest Merman

Published: June 22, 2023 - 14:46
Updated: July 23, 2023 - 02:38
The World’s Deepest Merman

The Merman, have you ever considered diving with a fishtail instead of normal dive fins?

Afa Zhang has pushed his performing abilities by freediving to 30m with a fishtail. His free dive took place at the Infinity Depth Games in Cyprus and is regarded as the deepest Merman dive to date. Afa Zhang found joy and fulfillment connecting with the ocean, which enabled him to overcome personal challenges in his life.

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Afa Zhang, originally from Taiwan, is an inspiring individual who has made remarkable strides in the world of performance diving. After attempting to kickstart his career as a stage performer, he encountered personal struggles with depression in 2017, inspiring him to change path leading him into the world of freediving. For Afa Zhang, the ocean became a source of solace and empowerment. He describes the underwater environment as a liberating space that allows him to express his creativity and athleticism while experiencing a profound sense of tranquillity. Freediving provided him with the strength and motivation to rebuild himself and redirect his career path toward the underwater realm.

Video: Copyrights, freediving videographer Daan Verhoeven

Afa Zhang emphasizes the importance of assessing risks before diving and highlights the fact that accidents in the ocean often result from human error. By developing a deep connection with the water and honing his skills, he aims to create a blissful and safe diving experience. Notably, he recently set a new national merman record for Taiwan by reaching a depth of 93 meters, further solidifying his position as a remarkable freediver.



Zhang’s captivating performances, characterized by his graceful movements in a fishtail, continue to captivate audiences. His achievements serve as a testament to his determination, resilience, and ability to merge his passion for performance art with his underwater pursuits.

In conclusion, Afa Zhang’s story showcases his transformative journey from a stage performer to a freediver and the positive impact the ocean has had on his life. His dedication, coupled with his artistic approach to diving, has allowed him to break records, inspire others, and find personal fulfillment in the underwater world.

Who is Afa Zhang The Merman?

Afa Zhang, the renowned merman, is a trailblazer in the world of underwater performance art and freediving. With his striking mermaid-like tail and exceptional aquatic skills, Afa has captivated audiences around the globe. As an accomplished freediver, he combines his love for the ocean with artistic expression, creating mesmerizing performances that showcase the beauty and grace of the underwater world. Afa Zhang’s passion for marine conservation and his commitment to raising awareness about the importance of preserving our oceans have earned him widespread admiration and respect. Through his breathtaking performances, Afa Zhang continues to inspire countless people to embrace their inner merman or mermaid and foster a deeper connection with the aquatic world.

What are The Infinity Depth Games held in Cyprus:

Is a prestigious freediving competition held in Cyprus, attracting top-level freedivers from around the world. This exciting event showcases the extraordinary abilities of athletes as they push their limits and dive to incredible depths in a single breath. Competitors participate in various disciplines, such as Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF), and Free Immersion (FIM), each presenting unique challenges and techniques. The Infinity Depth Games not only celebrate the remarkable mental and physical prowess of freedivers but also foster camaraderie and sportsmanship within the international freediving community. Set against the stunning backdrop of Cyprus’s crystal-clear waters, the event offers an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators alike, as they witness the awe-inspiring feats of human endurance and connection with the underwater world.

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