Tuesday, 16 April 2024
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Freediving News

Italian freediver Andrea Zuccari has been missing at sea and presumed dead

Sad news has been reaching us since yesterday that Italian freediving champion Andrea Zuccari has been reported missing at sea.

The World’s Deepest Merman

Embrace Your Inner merman: Diving with a Fishtail for a Magical Underwater Experience

William Joy with a 300m score in the DYN competition! - video

China’s William Joy reached 300m in a trial in Shanghai on 27 December 2020, equalling the world record for dynamic...

Agata Bogusz nominated for the Travelery poll!

Leading Polish freediver Agata Bogusz has been nominated for the prestigious Travelery poll organised by National Geographic. In the justification...

"One breath" - tribute to Natalia Molchanova - video

In March, a very special film “One breath”(Odin vdokh – Russian), dedicated to a true legend of the sport. The...

Sayuri Kinoshita, freediving world champion, has died

Sayuri Kinoshita, the world champion and world record holder in freediving, died on Monday, July 15, as a result of...

Natalia Molchanova would have turned 56 today

Today, 8 May, is the birthday of the greatest legend of women’s freediving – Russian Natalia Molchanova. An amazing athlete,...

David Beckham tried his hand at freediving! - video

English football legend David Beckham, in cooperation with one of his partners, had the opportunity to try apnea diving. Despite...

Turkish freediver Sahika Ercumen dives in Antarctica

On Friday, 22 February, the well-known Turkish freediver and world record holder in the CNF competition, Sahika Ercumen, dived into...

William Trubridge and 9h of apnea diving - video

Freediving legend William Trubridge swam underwater across Cook Strait to draw attention to the critically endangered dolphin species – New...
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