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Welcome to our scuba diving news portal, where we provide up-to-date coverage of all freediving and scuba diving-related news worldwide. Our team of experienced journalists is always on the watch for the latest developments in the sport, so you can trust that our content is accurate and timely. We publish seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that you never miss out on any important information or updates. So whether you’re an experienced freediver or just getting started with scuba diving, this is your one-stop for reliable news about freediving and scuba diving!

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Julia Lachowska

Underwater Model

Edd Stockdale

Scientific Diver

Marcin Pawelczyk

CEO & Founder

Tomasz Andrukajtis


Marcin Stempniewicz


Arkadiusz Srebnik

DAN Ambasador

Tamara Adame

Underwater Biology

Emma Barrow

Jasmine Mifsud



Tomasz Stachura

Baltic Sea - Wrecks

Stefan Panis

Caves - Wreck

Nuno Gomes

Technical Diving

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