Thursday, 16 May 2024
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Surface Interval

Adriatic Depths: Cultivating Sustainable Tourism through Underwater Heritage

"The Future of the Adriatic Past" explores the intricate balance between preserving this rich underwater heritage and harnessing it for...

WRECKS4ALL: Unveiling the Southern Adriatic's Underwater Heritage

This initiative aims to unveil and preserve the rich underwater cultural heritage nestled in the Southern Adriatic Sea. Through an...

Beyond Gear: Liberty Divers Club and Divesoft Team Up

Liberty Divers Club Decade of Innovation: Divesoft's Journey from Crafting Elite Diving Gear to Delivering Unforgettable Underwater Adventures & Experiences!

Indian Celebrities Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal Team Up with PADI

In a significant move for ocean conservation, Indian celebrities Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have stepped into the roles of...

Science Under Ice: Polar Research Diving Courses

When the words 'Arctic' or 'Antarctic' come up in conversation, most people's minds instantly conjure up images of a mesmerizing...

Żibel’s Environmental Triumphs in 2023

Żibel's 2023 Eco-Victories: A Year Marked by Fervor, Synergy and Groundbreaking Green Innovations

OceanShot and PADI Unveil 2024 Plans

Twenty Feet Underwater at Historic Panel - OceanShot and PADI Announce Major Plans for 2024, including New 'Blue Lab' and...

Underwater Protection of Turkish Wrecks - buoy project

Several countries like Malta are disassembling marking buoys from dive sites to brace for harsh winter sea storms. However, Turkey...

Reinstated Fishing Rights Threaten Divers Amid Malta's Wrecks

Underwater Hazard: Fishing Reinstatement Spells Peril for Divers Exploring Malta's Legendary Wrecks

First Batch of Diving Safety Management Graduates Set New Benchmark in the Industry

Diving Safety Management Pioneers: First Graduates of Groundbreaking Bachelor's Program Makes way in the Industry
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