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Monday, 5 June 2023
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Cave diving

Concert in a Cave - tickets only for cave certified divers
The Plura Valley team is planning a cave concert in 2024 that promises to be like no other. The event will take place in the Plura Chapel, a massive air chamber located deep inside the Plura Cave system, half a kilometer swim into the cave.
Flooded mine Maria Concordia in photogrammetric view
Scanning the flooded Maria Concordia mine using photogrammetry techniques – the final result and 3D model are getting closer. The...
New depth record in the Czech cave Hranicka Propast - 450 m! - video
While surveying the world’s deepest cave, Hranicka Propast, the exploration team found that it was as much as 46 meters...
Freedom - re-discovery and mapping of an iron mine that has been flooded for 100 years
A team of scientists and historians are researching and mapping the rediscovered Freedom iron mine in Wisconsin, which has been...
Penetration of Kefalovryso - Polish expedition to Greek caves 2022
The Kefalovryso cave was the final point of this year’s Polish expedition that explored the flooded caves of Greece. Kefalovryso...
Plura Cave - help show its face and win a diving weekend!
Plura Cave and the people who organise dives in it need your help in showing the real face of this...
Unknown Journey - documentary on the exploration of a flooded Greek mine
In early February 2022, the interesting documentary Unknown Journey, which depicts the exploration of flooded Greek caves, premiered. A group...
Śmiertelny wypadek nurkowy w jaskini Kossuth na Węgrzech
W niedzielę 3 kwietnia 2022 r. w jaskini Kossuth, położonej w północno-wschodniej części kraju, wydarzył się śmiertelny wypadek nurkowy.
Expedition Bjurälvern 2022 - return to the land of ice
A group of technical divers are back in Jämtland, Sweden, where Expedition Bjurälvern 2022 has begun. After a year’s break...
Drakos-Selinitsa-System - a discovery by Polish cave divers in Greece
A group of Polish cave divers made a very interesting discovery in the Greek Drakos-Selinitsa-System cave system. Based on the...
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