Thursday, 16 May 2024
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Cave diving

Sintzi Cave Exploration: Polish Divers' Double Success in Greece

In a remarkable expedition during the May holiday, a team of Polish cave divers, spearheaded by Bartek Pitala, ventured to...

Jared Hires: A Tragic Loss in the Depths of Plura Cave

In Memory of Jared Hires: The Profound Legacy and Heartbreaking Departure of a Diving Luminary within the Icy Depths of...

Plura Valley Discover the Underwater Concert!

Plura Valley Embark on an unparalleled diving journey , nestled beneath the Arctic Circle in Norway. Managed by diving aficionados...

Opal Mine Unsolved Mystery of Solomon Goldschmidt's Hidden Treasure

Opal Mine Buried Riches: The Unsolved Mystery of Solomon Goldschmidt's Hidden Treasure in Dubník Mines

Polish Divers Achieve Remarkable Exploration Success in Italy's Elefante Bianco

February 2024, a team of Polish divers achieved a historic breakthrough in the Elefante Bianco cave. They successfully explored over...

Brett Hemphill's body has been recovered from the Phantom Springs

A team of cave divers has recovered Brett Hemphill's body from an underwater cave in Texas.

Tragic news as Brett Hemphill died while exploring an underwater cave system

Brett P.Hemphill, an experienced cave diver and explorer, has died while diving in one of the deepest underwater cave systems...

Concert in a Cave - tickets only for cave certified divers

The Plura Valley team is planning a cave concert in 2024 that promises to be like no other. The event...

Flooded mine Maria Concordia in photogrammetric view

Scanning the flooded Maria Concordia mine using photogrammetry techniques – the final result and 3D model are getting closer. The...

New depth record in the Czech cave Hranicka Propast - 450 m! - video

While surveying the world’s deepest cave, Hranicka Propast, the exploration team found that it was as much as 46 meters...
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