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Monday, 5 June 2023
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Ancient shipwreck and 44 tons of artifacts found off the coast of Israel
Off the coast of Israel, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, researchers have found an ancient Roman wreck with a cargo of marble.
Two centuries-old wrecks full of artifacts have been discovered in China
In the South China Sea, explorers have discovered two extremely valuable wrecks dating back 500 years.
RMS Titanic - the first 3D scans of the world's most famous wreck
Extremely accurate, full-size 3D scans of the Titanic wreck, which rests at the bottom of the Atlantic, have appeared on...
Free WRECKS4ALL - visit Adriatic shipwrecks using your mobile phone
The app provides detailed information on each wreck, including its location, history, and images. You can also use the app to plan your dive route and access safety tips for diving in the area. With WRECKS4ALL, you can experience the wonders of Adriatic shipwrecks without ever leaving your phone!
The wreck of a German ship from 1943 has been found in the Baltic Sea
A group of Russian divers from the UWEX team has found the wreck of the German ship SAT 20 West, which was sunk on September 15, 1943.
Commemorating the Royal Navy submarine HMS Urge
On the 27th of April 2023 researchers, historians, and members of the public gathered under one roof to honor and remember the innocent lives lost out at sea on this date 81 years ago.
"Drain the Oceans - The Amber Room" honored at New York Festivals 2023
The documentary film “Drain the Oceans – The Amber Room” with the participation of the Baltictech diving group received a...
The shipwreck of the SS Montevideo Maru has been found off the coast of the Philippines
Researchers have found the wreck of the SS Montevideo Maru, a ship that Australians consider the largest maritime tragedy in...
An underwater archaeological park will be built in Porto Cristo, Mallorca
Porto Cristo off the coast of Mallorca will be home to the first underwater archaeological park located in the Mediterranean....
Underwater Heritage Association on the trail of another wreck
The Underwater Heritage Association has reported an interesting discovery it made while analyzing archival materials. Analyzing the collected materials, Michal...
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