Thursday, 16 May 2024
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Underwater Protection of Turkish Wrecks - buoy project

Several countries like Malta are disassembling marking buoys from dive sites to brace for harsh winter sea storms. However, Turkey...

KFK UJ 301 – amazing digitalisation of the German WWII warship wreck

The Submerged Foundation's diving team has digitalised the wreck of a KFK UJ 301 German warship in the Baltic Sea.

The National Maritime Museum and Baltictech surveyed the very interesting wreck of a wooden sailing ship from the late 19th Century

The Baltictech Group, together with the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, investigated the wreck of a wooden sailing ship in...

Akagi – The magnificent aircraft carrier seen for the first time since its sinking

Japanese and American researchers have conducted an expedition to the wreck of Japan's legendary World War II aircraft carrier Akagi.

Search operation for missing scuba diver at Scapa Flow

On the popular wreck dive site of Scapa Flow in Orkney, the HM Coastguard carried out a search operation for...

US Airman's Remains Recovered from the Wreck of a WWII Bomber after 80 years

The US airman's remains from the wreckage of a 1943 B-24 Liberator bomber have been recovered on Malta by local...

Gerrit Fritzen – Baltictech divers discovered amazing German shipwreck from WWII

Nurkowie z grupy Baltictech odnaleźli w Bałtyku wrak niemieckiego statku Gerrit Fritzen z II WŚ, który Sowieci zatopili w 1945...

SS Express – a group of British technical divers have identified a shipwreck from 1918

Off the coast of Orkney, a group of technical divers have identified the wreck of the SS Express, which sank...

Discover the Wonders of Wreck Diving in Turkey!

Unveiling the Underwater Treasures: diving in Turkey's Hidden Wreck Paradises!

A amazing 2,300-year-old wreck has been discovered in Egypt off the coast of El Alamein

Off the coast of El Alamein, underwater archaeologists have discovered a site with an ancient wreck carrying a cargo of...
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