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Monday, 5 June 2023
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Ancient shipwreck and 44 tons of artifacts found off the coast of Israel
Off the coast of Israel, in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, researchers have found an ancient Roman wreck with a cargo of marble.
Two centuries-old wrecks full of artifacts have been discovered in China
In the South China Sea, explorers have discovered two extremely valuable wrecks dating back 500 years.
The Attack of the Orcas
Recent reports have suggested that a group of killer whales may be attacking boats as revenge for an injured matriarch.
Diving Talks early birds tickets are here 10% OFF.
Explore the Depths of Diving at Portugal 2023 International Diving Show!
Gardening under the sea! Nemo’s Garden
Nemo's Garden: Exploring the Possibilities of Underwater Farming
The Deepest Blue hole in the world was discovered in Mexico!
A team of scientists, in partnership with Dark Zone Diving and XTC Dive Centre, recently conducted an expedition to explore and record the unique geological features and depths of a blue hole. The mission was a success, providing valuable insights into this mysterious underwater phenomenon.
RMS Titanic - the first 3D scans of the world's most famous wreck
Extremely accurate, full-size 3D scans of the Titanic wreck, which rests at the bottom of the Atlantic, have appeared on...
Free WRECKS4ALL - visit Adriatic shipwrecks using your mobile phone
The app provides detailed information on each wreck, including its location, history, and images. You can also use the app to plan your dive route and access safety tips for diving in the area. With WRECKS4ALL, you can experience the wonders of Adriatic shipwrecks without ever leaving your phone!
US Researcher Breaks Record Living Under the Sea! - 70 days and going
Joseph Dituri's remarkable feat demonstrates how much our bodies can endure and adapt to different environments. His journey serves as an inspiration for all of us to push ourselves beyond our boundaries and explore what we are truly capable of achieving.
Extremely rare rainbow sea slug spotted in UK
Yesterday, an incredibly rare and beautiful creature was discovered in a rock pool southwest of the UK coast. The species, known as Babakina anadoni or the rainbow sea slug, is characterized by its bright colours and unusual shapes.
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Ways of communicating underwater
The wreck of the 17th century ship Coronation available for divers!
Wreck of Karlsruhe steamer found in Baltic Sea
New treasures recovered from the wreck of a legendary Spanish frigate
Two more countries have joined AIDA


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