Friday, 8 December 2023
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Underwater Protection of Turkish Wrecks - buoy project

Several countries like Malta are disassembling marking buoys from dive sites to brace for harsh winter sea storms. However, Turkey...

Reinstated Fishing Rights Threaten Divers Amid Malta's Wrecks

Underwater Hazard: Fishing Reinstatement Spells Peril for Divers Exploring Malta's Legendary Wrecks

First Batch of Diving Safety Management Graduates Set New Benchmark in the Industry

Diving Safety Management Pioneers: First Graduates of Groundbreaking Bachelor's Program Makes way in the Industry

Battery 9 Ah by Santi a Fly and Dive with Ease Solution

Powering Underwater Exploration: SANTI Debuts EU-Compliant, Travel-Safe Battery 9 Ah

Obsidian cores – an extraordinary discovery on a 5,000-year-old shipwreck!

At an archaeological site with a Neolithic-era shipwreck discovered in the Tyrrhenian Sea, divers found obsidian cores showing marks of...

KFK UJ 301 – amazing digitalisation of the German WWII warship wreck

The Submerged Foundation's diving team has digitalised the wreck of a KFK UJ 301 German warship in the Baltic Sea.

New DiveExpo Conference Set to Make Waves in Belgium

Set to run over two days, DiveExpo combines the best elements of a conference and an expo, with presentations taking...

Dive into Technical Diving in the British Isles

Gear up for an exhilarating weekend as, a brand-new technical diving conference, is slated to unfold in the UK...

DEMA Show 2023 – The legendary event is underway in New Orleans!

Dive into Adventure: Unveiling the Depths at DEMA Show 2023 in New Orleans!

Shearwater unveiled new exciting Shearwater Tern and Tern TX dive computers

With excitement, Shearwater Research Inc. presents the latest additions to its iconic collection of dive computers. The Shearwater Tern and...
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