Thursday, 7 December 2023
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Underwater Archeology

Obsidian cores – an extraordinary discovery on a 5,000-year-old shipwreck!

At an archaeological site with a Neolithic-era shipwreck discovered in the Tyrrhenian Sea, divers found obsidian cores showing marks of...

The Straton Project – Unveiling the Secrets of a Roman Shipwreck

Divers are uncovering the mysteries of an ancient Roman shipwreck as part of the Straton Project.

Thonis-Heracleion – New exciting discoveries in the sunken ancient port city!

Archaeologists have uncovered more remarkable treasures during underwater excavations in the sunken port of Thonis-Heracleion.

The Tower Wreck – World’s First Deep-Sea Archaeological Park

Xlendi, Gozo: Home to the World's First Deep-Sea Archaeological Park - A New Frontier in Underwater Exploration!

Battle of the Aegates – archaeologists find more artifacts from the First Punic War

Near the island of Levanzo in the municipality of Trapani, marine archaeologists have discovered ancient artefacts that date back to...

A amazing 2,300-year-old wreck has been discovered in Egypt off the coast of El Alamein

Off the coast of El Alamein, underwater archaeologists have discovered a site with an ancient wreck carrying a cargo of...

Settlement from over 8000 years – amazing discovery in Ohrid Lake in Albania

An ancient settlement dating back 8,000 years, which was found in Ohrid Lake, is the oldest human settlement ever discovered...

Stunning ancient shipwreck from 2200 years ago with hundreds of amphorae discovered in Italy

Italian carabinieri have discovered in the Tyrrhenian Sea a stunning ancient shipwreck of a Roman vessel filled with hundreds of...

Capo Corso 2 – fantastic ancient shipwreck from 2,000 years ago full of glass artefacts

Maritime archaeologists using a ROV have excavated beautiful glass artefacts from the ancient wreck of Capo Corso 2, which rests...

Stunning Roman Mosaic discovered in the Bay of Naples

This remarkable roman mosaic features intricate braided blue lines, showcasing the immaculate Roman talent.
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