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Introducing our first US Nemo's Garden

Published: June 21, 2023 - 09:00
Updated: July 23, 2023 - 02:37
Introducing our first US Nemo’s Garden

Nemo’s Garden Partners with Gilboa Quarry

Nemo’s Garden, a pioneering underwater biosphere project, is thrilled to partner with Gilboa Quarry in Ottowa, Ohio, for its groundbreaking US debut. This month, the first-ever US Nemo’s Garden biosphere will be installed in the quarry, marking a significant milestone in our innovative journey towards sustainable underwater agriculture. Stay tuned to discover more about this exciting collaboration and the future of underwater ecosystems!

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Gilboa Quarry

Nemo’s Garden is an underwater biosphere project that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to cultivate crops underwater. Its Pilot Plant location is in Noli on the Italian Riviera near Genoa, Italy.

By leveraging the natural properties of the ocean, our purpose is to address food security challenges, reduce the ecological footprint of traditional agriculture, and explore new frontiers in sustainable farming.

How it works:

Terrestrial plants are seated in biospheres, which are acrylic structures resembling large balloons and hold approximately 2,000 liters of air. The stable temperature of the surrounding water and cyclic evaporation of salt water, with relevant condensation into fresh water on the dome’s internal surface, creates an ideal “underwater greenhouse” with:

  • Fresh water production
  • Comfortable stable temperature
  • Isolation of the environment to external contamination and weather conditions
  • Unique, natural, illuminance conditions
  • Growing of plants under pressure

About Gilboa Quarry

The New Home for US Nemo’s Garden

Gilboa Quarry, situated in Gilboa, Ohio, is a premier scuba diving destination renowned for its stunning underwater environment. As the first-ever US location for Nemo’s Garden research, the quarry will host a single biosphere, contributing to the exploration of sustainable underwater agriculture.

Gilboa Quarry

The exceptional conditions at Gilboa Quarry make it an ideal site for cultivating various crops within the Nemo’s Garden biosphere. The quarry’s crystal-clear waters, coupled with generally cold temperatures and seasonal snowfall, create a unique and challenging environment for plant growth. Inside the submerged biosphere, hydroponic systems and artificial lighting will be utilized to foster crop development.

As a facility dedicated to environmental conservation, Gilboa Quarry boasts a flourishing ecosystem that supports a diverse range of aquatic life. This commitment to preserving nature aligns perfectly with the goals of the US Nemo’s Garden project, making it an exemplary location for conducting underwater research and advancing innovative initiatives in sustainable agriculture.

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