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Gardening under the sea! Nemo’s Garden

Published: May 26, 2023 - 10:23
Updated: July 23, 2023 - 02:16
Gardening under the sea! Nemo’s Garden

Nemo’s Garden is a sustainable initiative that aims to facilitate crop production within specific parameters.

The concept originated in 2012 when Sergio Gamberini, the founder of Ocean Reef Group, was observing the waves of the Ligurian Sea. It was during this time that he pondered the possibility of combining his passions for diving and gardening.

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Nemos Garden

Initially, Mr. Gamberini’s interest lay in investing in the feasibility of cultivating crops on the seabed. The objective of this proposal was to explore innovative methods of food production, particularly in areas where traditional land-based gardening is impractical due to factors such as terrain, environmental conditions, or economic limitations. However, it’s important to note that the project is designed to be self-sustaining and environmentally friendly, ensuring minimal interference with the marine ecosystem. In fact, the infrastructure of Nemo’s Garden provides also a shelter for certain marine organisms, contributing to the repopulation efforts of specific species.

The underwater gardens of Nemo’s Garden consist of submerged greenhouse domes that create a unique microclimate conducive to crop growth. These domes harness the power of penetrating sunlight and utilise desalinated seawater to sustain the plants. This innovative approach addresses the global issue of water scarcity by directly watering the crops from seawater. Additionally, a notable advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need for pesticides in the garden, promoting natural and chemical-free cultivation practices.

Nemo’s Garden has allured the attention of diverse sectors interested in delving deeper into its methodology. Particularly, pharmaceutical companies have shown a keen interest in exploring this innovative agricultural technique. Agriculture is widely recognised as a fundamental asset, as it not only provides sustenance in the form of food but also contributes to the production of fresh air and serves as a source of shelter. The potential benefits and implications of Nemo’s Garden have sparked curiosity and further research from various fields.

Currently, Nemo’s Garden consists of nine biospheres, and it is expected that all of them will be fully operational by June. Additionally, a Pilot Plant will be connected to an artificial reef to investigate the feasibility of harnessing energy from the sea currents by measuring their speed.

ocean reef mask nemos garden

Out of the nine biospheres, seven will be equipped with a new hydroponix apparatus; a water-based system that integrates all the necessary components for plant growth without the use of soil. This hydroponic system will facilitate the cultivation of 100 plants within each dome, optimizing the growing conditions.

Later this year, members from Divers24 will visit Nemo’s Garden with the objective of gathering more data on the entire process and visiting the garden itself. Their visit will also serve the purpose of educating the public about the unique benefits of adopting such an innovative gardening method, together with providing a better understanding as to why it is crucial to safeguard our environment.

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