Thursday, 16 May 2024
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Diving Talks

Amazing underwater photographer Becky Kagan Schott – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Another speaker at the third edition of the diving congress Diving Talks is the highly acclaimed underwater photographer Becky Kagan...

Carolina Schrappe – amazing freediver and world multi-champion – Diving Talks speakers

One of the fascinating people you will be able to meet at Diving Talks 2023 is internationally acclaimed freediver Carolina...

Top underwater photographer Tom St George – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Another Diving Talks 2023 speaker we are introducing in our series is acclaimed photographer Tom St George.

Mark Caney – great diver and prominent figure of PADI – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Mark Caney is the latest of the speakers at the Diving Talks 2023 diving congress, who we will profile in...

Pete Mesley – great underwater photographer and member of many expeditions – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Pete Mesley is an acclaimed underwater photographer who will be one of the speakers at the extraordinary event Diving Talks...

Andreia Teixeira – Naval officer and renowned medicine expert – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Portuguese naval medical specialist Andreia Teixeira is another of the speakers at Diving Talks 2023.

Timmy Gambin – the great researcher from Malta – z Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Professor Timmy Gambin is another renowned authority who will appear at the third edition of the Diving Talks diving congress...

Phil Short – Recognized diver and great explorer – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

The next figure in our series featuring the speakers of the Diving Talks 2023 diving congress is an absolutely unique...

Legendary Michael Menduno - Technical Diving Guru - Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Michael Menduno is a leading expert on technical diving, closed circuits and extreme exploration of the underwater world. He is...

The Amazing Karen van den Oever - world's deepest diving woman - Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Women's deepest dive record holder Karen van den Oever will be a speaker at the Diving Talks 2023 diving congress,...
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