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Andreia Teixeira – Naval officer and renowned medicine expert – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Published: July 25, 2023 - 09:00
Updated: July 25, 2023 - 09:01
Andreia Teixeira – Naval officer and renowned medicine expert – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Andreia Teixeira is a Portuguese Navy officer and medicine specialist who will share her knowledge during Diving Talks 2023.

Andreia Teixeira

Andreia Teixeira
Portuguese Navy Lieutenant Commander Andreia Teixeira

Portuguese Navy (Marinha Portuguesa) Lieutenant Commander Andreia Filipa Guedes Teixeira was born in Lisbon on 23 April 1983 and joined the Naval School in 2002, where she completed the Naval Military Science Course – Naval Medicine in 2008. She has also been a hospital assistant in pulmonology since 2017.

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As a recognised specialist, Andreia is part of the medical team at the Naval Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Centre, where she has been working since 2011. During this time she has carried out more than 2,000 consultations. She is part of the emergency prevention team, where she has helped by treating more than 200 patients.

As part of her duties, she was responsible for medical support in 16 deep diving missions and two underwater explosives exercises, both demolition and disposal.

She is about to graduate with a master’s degree in Hyperbaric and Underwater Medicine. Her thesis is:
“Characterization of decompression sickness in divers treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the Center for Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine – does it make sense to create a greenway for decompression sickness in Portugal?”

In her scientific output, Andreia Teixeira is also the author and co-author of six articles and posters at international conferences and 21 communications and posters at national congresses.

Making constant efforts to develop her scientific career, she has attended 31 postgraduate training courses and 12 congresses and meetings.

She is a happy wife and mother of three children.

Diving Talks Portugal 2023

Diving Talks 2023

If you are interested in medical aspects of scuba diving you definitely must attend the lecture given by Andreia Teixeira. The Diving Talks 2023 diving congress will be a great opportunity to do so, so book your tickets and plan your stay in Lisbon today!

The organizers have announced that they expect 8 to 10 panels, talks and debates that will cover the most exciting topics. So it should come as no surprise that they expect more than 300 attendees from around the world and 25,000 online participants.

Diving talks 2023 is the international diving show, that will bring to Portugal the world’s leading divers, showing their best of the best recent achievements. It is definitely a unique opportunity to take part in one of the most important diving events of the year, and at the same time get to know beautiful Lisbon and

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