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Monday, 5 June 2023
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Technical Diving

Rebreather Forum 4 - see you soon on Malta!
The long-awaited Rebreather Forum 4 symposium will take place on Malta at the end of this month from April 20-22.
Rebreather Forum 4 diving symposium in Malta
Rebreather Forum 4, the legendary event for technical divers, will be held in Malta from April 20-22, 2023. For all...
Flooded mine Maria Concordia in photogrammetric view
Scanning the flooded Maria Concordia mine using photogrammetry techniques – the final result and 3D model are getting closer. The...
Sign the petition and support the divers in the fight to open the Ojamo mine!
The magnificent flooded Ojamo mine in Finland has been closed for two years. Now you can help bring about its...
Shearwater Swift transmitter - new from Canadian manufacturer
A representative from Canadian company Shearwater Research Inc. has announced the launch of the new Shearwater Swift transmitter. Thanks to...
Deadly diving accident in flooded Montola mine
On Tuesday, 13 April, media in Finland reported that a fatal diving accident had occurred in the flooded Montola mine....
New Guinness record for women's cave diving
Karen van den Oever set a new Guinness World Record for female cave diving yesterday. She made her dive in...
In Russia, divers have discovered a cave at the bottom of a lake
The Russian media reported an interesting discovery made by divers from Voronezh, who explored one of the lakes in Kabardino-Balkaria....
Visit Plura reveals plans to build a great resort
For cave diving enthusiasts, Norway’s flooded Plura Cave is a true gem of Scandinavia. Situated in the north of Norway...
Hranicka Propast much deeper than believed!
The Czech cave Hranicka Propast bearing the title of the deepest flooded cave in the world, turns out to be...
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