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Phil Short – Recognized diver and great explorer – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Published: July 11, 2023 - 11:06
Updated: July 23, 2023 - 02:41
Phil Short – Recognized diver and great explorer – Diving Talks 2023 speakers

The pool of speakers at the Diving Talks 2023 diving congress features some of the leading experts in various fields from the diving world, which is why a figure such as Phil Short could not be missing from the line-up.

The list of Diving Talks 2023 speakers is growing, with more and more names generating excitement. And so for those passionate about diving, exploration and projects that not only thrill but also push boundaries, Phil Short is certainly not an anonymous figure.

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Phil Short

Phil Short is known in the diving world as an excellent and very experienced diver and explorer. One of his greatest passions is the exploration of caves and flooded mines, such as Långban Mine for example, where he is working on a remarkable project with a great team of people. He is also a top instructor who trains at all levels. From open circuits to rebreathers, from novice divers to advanced technical divers to instructors and instructor trainers.

Without doubt, you can’t be surprised that the organisers of Diving Talks 2023 wanted to have Phil as a speaker. Anyone who has ever been to his lecture knows exactly what a fantastic experience it is and how well he handles this type of presentation. In a casual and enjoyable atmosphere, he weaves a story about things that are inaccessible to most divers, topping it all off with a dose of humour.

Phil Short
Phil Short in a Classic Diver’s suit

Some of his achievements

Phil Short has a whole bunch of extraordinary and often pioneering projects in his extremely rich CV that he has led or participated in. Among them, for example, are such unimaginable things as the 3-month caving project led by Bill Stone, where Phil and Marcin Gala pass the fourth sump of the J2 cave in Southern Mexico, spending a total of 45 days underground!

Over the last 12 years Phil has focussed on Scientific Diving project supervision and management working with organisations including WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, US NPS SCRU (United States National Parks Service Submerged Cultural Resources Unit), Lund University Sweden and the DPAA (Defence POW/MIA Accounting Agency). Projects have included Archeological Excavation of the 1492 Danish King’d ship Gribshunden and the successful recovery and repatriation of WWII American airmen from a B-24 and B-17 Heavy bomber in 40 and 70 metres respectively.

Currently Phil Short works in Research and Development within the Commercial and Scientific Diving communities as a Trainer, SME and Underwater Missions Lead.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Explorers Club and currently works as Underwater Missions Lead for a Commercial/Scientific Diving Research and Development company.

Diving Talks Portugal 2023

Diving Talks 2023

If you’re passionate about technical diving, exciting projects and exploration, then you definitely have to be on Phil Short’s lecture. The Diving Talks 2023 diving congress will be a great opportunity to do so, so book your tickets and plan your stay in Lisbon today!

The organizers have announced that they expect 8 to 10 panels, talks and debates that will cover the most exciting topics. So it should come as no surprise that they expect more than 300 attendees from around the world and 25,000 online participants.

Diving talks 2023 is the international diving show, that will bring to Portugal the world’s leading divers, showing their best of the best recent achievements. It is definitely a unique opportunity to take part in one of the most important diving events of the year, and at the same time get to know beautiful Lisbon and dive in Portuguese waters.

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