Tuesday, 4 June 2024
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Underwater Environment

Żibel Studio – The NGO with the Solution for the recycling of Ocean Plastics

Zibel Studio Collaborative efforts have been integral to Żibel's progress. In partnership with the Zero Waste HoReCa programme, they have...

Żibel’s Environmental Triumphs in 2023

Żibel's 2023 Eco-Victories: A Year Marked by Fervor, Synergy and Groundbreaking Green Innovations

OceanShot and PADI Unveil 2024 Plans

Twenty Feet Underwater at Historic Panel - OceanShot and PADI Announce Major Plans for 2024, including New 'Blue Lab' and...

Reinstated Fishing Rights Threaten Divers Amid Malta's Wrecks

Underwater Hazard: Fishing Reinstatement Spells Peril for Divers Exploring Malta's Legendary Wrecks

Ghost Nets: The Silent and Deadly Threat to Our Oceans

Unseen Killers: Ghost Nets and Their Silent Siege on Our Oceans

First Żibel Cleanup for the month of Autumn – Recovered One of the Longest Ghost Nets.

The first autumn cleanup organized by Zibel was successful - more trash removed from the sea bed.

Sharks and plastic – how it affects these magnificent creatures?

Every year, millions of tons of waste end up in ocean waters around the world, most of which are plastic...

What the Foam #WTF – Ocean Conservancy Launches a new Campaign

"Ocean Conservancy Declares 'What The Foam': A Bold Initiative to Combat Plastic Pollution"

Padi Aware week - Join the Underwater Cleanup Event in Hurghada

Calling all ocean torchbearers in Hurghada, Egypt! Padi Aware week is just over the corner.

Rosia Bay Clean Up – The Great Guardians of the Gibraltar

Rosia Bay Clean Up Nestled along the enchanting coastline of Gibraltar, stands as a testament to both the storied past...
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