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New DiveExpo Conference Set to Make Waves in Belgium

Published: November 24, 2023 - 11:04
Updated: November 24, 2023 - 11:04
New DiveExpo Conference Set to Make Waves in Belgium
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As the year nears its close, the world of diving shows no signs of slowing down. DiveExpo Belgium!

Following a bustling year of dive shows and conferences, the UK is set to host the Guz.Tech one-day conference this weekend. Shortly after, all eyes will turn towards Belgium – Antwerp to be precise, for a brand new event named DiveExpo.

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After years of leading the Tekdive Shows in Antwerp, it was time to spread its own wings in 2019… And so “Tec-Expo” was born—an innovative fair, supported by a passionate, young team with new, fresh ideas. The aim is to organize an attractive and affordable fair for everyone. With quality lectures, workshops, and a beautiful exhibition space! The one-day tryout was a success! Before, during, and after Tec-Expo we listened to the exhibitors, visitors, and speakers…

The feedback showed that “Start To Tec” is very much alive and that there was a great interest among novice (recreational) divers in swimming technique, buoyancy, materials, etc.

Most respondents thought the threshold for coming to a “Tec” fair was high. Hence our choice for “DivExpo”!

DiveExpo, in its inaugural edition, is the brainchild of Stefan Panis, a renowned photographer and explorer from Belgium. The event is expected to bring together the crème de la crème of the dive industry, promising a comprehensive showcase ranging from tech diving to mermaiding, covering the industry from A to Z.

DiveExpo Stefan Panis
Stefan Panis organizer DiveExpo


The format of DiveExpo is an amalgamation of a conference and an expo, a proven formula for successful conferences. The event will feature presentations running concurrently in two rooms over the course of two days, ensuring a diverse range of topics for attendees to delve into.

DiveExpo boasts an impressive roster of speakers from various facets of the dive industry. Esteemed names like Richie Kohler, Prof. Constantino Balestra, Steven Galicia, and Natalia Zharkova and more, are set to deliver high-level presentations, promising a captivating experience for all attendees.


Program DiveExpo day 1
Program Day 2 – DiveExpo

Attendees will have the chance to engage with numerous exhibitors during the breaks. The list of exhibitors is huge and can be viewed on the DiveExpo website. This provides a fantastic opportunity to network, ask questions, and explore the latest in diving technology and trends.

In addition to the enriching presentations, DiveExpo will also feature a lottery with exciting prizes up for grabs. Don’t delay – secure your ticket today! You could be the lucky winner of a dry suit. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Get ready for a thrilling raffle at DiveExpo!

The grand prize is an impressive Avatar drysuit, perfect for any diving enthusiast. But that’s not all – also up for grabs are an Oxygen Set, a collection of Cave Diving books, and a handy case from Apox. If you’re keen on experiencing something new, you could win one of two CCR Demo dives with Liberty Unity or a Sidemount Initiation. Don’t miss out on these incredible prizes!

Check out the full program – buy tickets.

Sea you at the show!

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