Tuesday, 20 February 2024
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New DiveExpo Conference Set to Make Waves in Belgium

Set to run over two days, DiveExpo combines the best elements of a conference and an expo, with presentations taking...

DEMA Show 2023 – The legendary event is underway in New Orleans!

Dive into Adventure: Unveiling the Depths at DEMA Show 2023 in New Orleans!

Gareth Lock - Diving Talks 2023 speakers

Another Diving Talks 2023 speaker we introduce in our regular series is Gareth Lock - creator of The Human Factors.

Diving Talks early birds tickets are here 10% OFF.

Diving Talks explore the Depths of Diving at Portugal 2023 International Diving Show!

IV National Seminar of Underwater Research

As March 2022 draws to a close, the 4th National Seminar on Scientific Underwater Research will take place from 25-27....

Diving Demo Days 2021 - the 10th edition at Koparki is behind us

The long-awaited 10th edition of the Diving Demo Days is now history. In the diving base at the popular Koparki...

Official: Baltictech 2021 conference cancelled

Due to the unstable situation and possible problems with the event, the Baltictech 2021 conference has been cancelled. Unfortunately, what...

Umbria - the most beautiful wreck in the world

The wreck of the Umbria is undoubtedly a magnet attracting divers from all over the world to Sudan. Perfectly preserved,...

3rd Warsaw Seminar on Underwater Archaeology - report

The beginning of the year is marked by excellent diving-related events at the University of Warsaw. The first of them,...

What interesting things happened at Boot 2019?

The biggest diving show in Europe is already behind us. The 50th edition of the Boot Show in Düsseldorf, is...
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