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1st July Great Cleanup with Johnnie Walker – Żibel

Published: July 18, 2023 - 14:00
Updated: July 23, 2023 - 02:49
1st July Great Cleanup with Johnnie Walker – Żibel

On July 1, 2023, the Maltese non-governmental organization (NGO) Żibel, organized a diving event – Cleanup with Johnnie Walker.

With the assistance of the dive center Waterworld, the event received sponsorship from M. Demajo Wines and Spirits LTD, a Maltese company that provided refreshments for the participants after the cleanup.

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Johnnie Walker
Żibel Malta Clean Up | photo: M.Demajo

Great results

The clean-up marked another successful event organized by Żibel. A team of divers and land volunteers worked together to collect a total of 885 kg of waste from the sea. The collected waste consisted of various materials such as plastics, metals, rubber, textiles, ropes, glass, and other miscellaneous items that could not be categorized separately. Additionally, a blob of tar and a motor outboard were among the recovered items, contributing to the overall weight of the rubbish.

The second heaviest component retrieved was metals, which were lifted using 50 kg lifting bags and dragged out of the sea with the help of surface volunteers. Plastics, the primary pollutant in the oceans, accounted for 112 kg of the total weight. This category included items like jerrycans, ropes, polystyrene, and fishing gear, totaling 35 kg upon recovery.

Johnie Walker clean up
Żibel Malta Qawra Clean Up with Johnnie Walker | photo: M.Demajo


The Location

The underwater Cleanup with Johnnie Walker took place in Qawra, a popular swimming zone on the east coast of the island. Qawra is a village located in a busy region that attracts a large number of tourists annually. The choice of this location for the cleanup underscores the importance of addressing pollution in areas frequented by tourists and highlighting the need for responsible environmental practices.

Waterworld is located in the heart of the village right on the coast and has provided all the necessary equipment to assist with the cleanup. As a dive center offering various water sports activities that include diving both open-circuit and closed-circuit, jet ski rentals, and boat charters, Waterworld attracts a considerable number of water sports enthusiasts.

Cleanup with Johnnie Walker

The significance of the collected waste figure becomes even more alarming when considering the relatively small number of people involved in the cleanup effort. It highlights the magnitude of the pollution problem in the area and emphasizes the urgency of taking action to address and prevent further environmental damage. By conducting the cleanup in a popular swimming zone, and involving a famous whiskey brand, a local company’s sponsorship, and a well-known dive center, the event aimed to raise awareness about ocean pollution and inspire others to contribute to environmental preservation efforts.

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