Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Tragedy Strikes in Malta: Two Polish Divers Lose Their Lives

Two experienced Polish divers, residing in the UK, tragically lost their lives during a dive off the coast of Malta....

Żibel Studio – The NGO with the Solution for the recycling of Ocean Plastics

Zibel Studio Collaborative efforts have been integral to Żibel's progress. In partnership with the Zero Waste HoReCa programme, they have...

Żibel’s Environmental Triumphs in 2023

Żibel's 2023 Eco-Victories: A Year Marked by Fervor, Synergy and Groundbreaking Green Innovations

Reinstated Fishing Rights Threaten Divers Amid Malta's Wrecks

Underwater Hazard: Fishing Reinstatement Spells Peril for Divers Exploring Malta's Legendary Wrecks

First Batch of Diving Safety Management Graduates Set New Benchmark in the Industry

Diving Safety Management Pioneers: First Graduates of Groundbreaking Bachelor's Program Makes way in the Industry

Ghost Nets: The Silent and Deadly Threat to Our Oceans

Unseen Killers: Ghost Nets and Their Silent Siege on Our Oceans

US Airman's Remains Recovered from the Wreck of a WWII Bomber after 80 years

The US airman's remains from the wreckage of a 1943 B-24 Liberator bomber have been recovered on Malta by local...

The Tower Wreck – World’s First Deep-Sea Archaeological Park

Xlendi, Gozo: Home to the World's First Deep-Sea Archaeological Park - A New Frontier in Underwater Exploration!

Wonderful news!32 Loggerhead turtles hatched on Malta

Milestone Achievement: 32 Loggerhead Turtles Hatch at Ramla l-Ħamra, Gozo!

Lazy Bay Malta Cleanup – another great initiative by Żibel

After three long years, the pristine beauty of il-Bajja tal-Għażżenin (The Lazy Bay) has finally received some much-needed attention. The...
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