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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
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Malta's underwater attractions will be available all year round
Diving enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Malta’s underwater attractions will now be available all year round. Malta is...
Baltictech divers found a part of the name "Kujawiak" on the WW2 wreck
A group of Polish Baltictech technical divers during a visit on Malta made the final identification of the WW2 warship...
Wreck of P-33 patrol boat in Malta heavily damaged by storms – video
Malta’s newest artificial reef, the wreck of the patrol boat P-33, suffered severe damage as a result of winter storms....
Na Malcie nurkowie oczyścili z sieci wrak bombowca B24 Liberator
Na Malcie grupa nurków technicznych oczyściła z sieci-widm wrak bombowca B24 Liberator z czasów II wojny światowej.
ISDSM educational diving centre opened in Malta
An educational diving centre has opened in Malta. With this, the International School of Diving Safety and Medicine (ISDSM) has...
New wreck in Malta - P-33 patrol boat turned into artificial reef
As announced, a new wreck has appeared in Malta. At the beginning of the month, a P-33 patrol boat was...
A new wreck in Malta - the patrol boat P33 is about to go down!
The patrol boat P33 will be sunk near Zonqor, Malta, as early as Saturday, 31 July 2021. The patrol boat...
Malta: 25 dead stingrays in the Blue Grotto
While diving in Malta’s popular Blue Grotto cave, a diver came across a gruesome sight. The bottom of the grotto...
In Malta, nets were removed from the wreck of HMS Southwold
Another sunken vessel has been cleared of its broken nets. This time it is the wreck of the Royal Navy...
In Malta, divers have removed nets from the wreck of the Junkers JU 88
The wreck of a World War II German Junkers JU 88 aircraft, which rests on the seabed near Salina, has...
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