Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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Do you analyze your gases and why it is so important?

Playing Russian Roulette with Your Life: The Dangers of Diving Without Analyze Your Gas Mixture

Scubapro Luna 2.0 - New and Very Interesting Dive Computer

Scubapro Luna 2.0 dive computer is an easy-to-read, intuitive, loaded with easy-to-use features and available in two versions, the Luna...

Apple Watch Ultra with freediving mode – New Oceanic app gives a major boost

Oceanic+ has released a new app for the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Ultra 2 that expands their features...

Scubapro celebrates 60 years of innovation – new limited edition products

Dive equipment manufacturer Scubapro celebrates 60 years on the market and to mark the occasion is releasing unique limited edition...

The New Avatar Airon 102 - Lightness of Air, Strength of Iron

A new model of a drysuit Avatar Airon 102 has just been released, and it is a successor of the...

Buy Liberty & Get Free ODA!

Seize Our Limited-Time Offer: Buy a CCR Liberty and Score a FREE ODA!

OM System TG-7 – The Perfect Companion for Your Adventures!

The OM System TG-7 your ultimate companion for outdoor photography, combining rugged durability with incredible underwater macro shooting capabilities.

Roto Camera Mount – new interesting piece of gear from Seacraft

Seacraft Unveils Game-Changing Roto Camera Mount: A New Era for Underwater Videography

A new V97 firmware update for Shearwater dive computers is now available

Shearwater Firmware v97 is now available. This update is applicable to the Petrel 3, Petrel 2, and NERD 2.

Cuda Jet - The world's first amazing underwater jetpack

Cuda Jet is an extraordinary underwater jetpack created in the UK and designed for enthusiasts of the underwater world.
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New video of Virgin Oceanic boat tests
Border Guard divers found the wreck of a yacht
Barge for cleaning the bottom of the Baltic Sea from weapons and hazardous materials
Freediving legend Guillaume Néry announces end of sporting career
The wreck of a World War II seaplane has been found


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