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OM System TG-7 – The Perfect Companion for Your Adventures!

Published: September 14, 2023 - 10:17
Updated: September 14, 2023 - 10:17
OM System TG-7 – The Perfect Companion for Your Adventures!

Great news for photography enthusiasts! OM Digital Solutions Corporation has unveiled its latest masterpiece – the OM System TG-7.

This new gem in the OM System Tough series will be available to the public from late September 2023.

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The TG-7 is not just a camera, it’s a rugged companion designed to accompany you on all your adventures. It boasts exceptional dust-proof and shockproof capabilities, enduring falls from heights up to 2.1 meters and resisting forces up to one hundred kilograms.

But that’s not all! The tough TG-7 is also an underwater marvel with dedicated shooting modes. Its waterproof capabilities allow it to function flawlessly up to fifteen meters underwater. If you’re planning to explore deeper, pair it with the PT-059 Underwater Housing (sold separately) for functionality in depths of up to forty-five meters.

OM System TG-7
Fish Eye Converter

What’s more, the Tough TG-7 is built to withstand freezing temperatures as low as -10°C. Its Field Sensor System automatically captures location and environmental data, elevating your shooting experience to a whole new level.

The compact, lightweight, and durable design of the TG-7 truly embodies the essence of the OM System brand. So gear up for your next adventure with the OM System TG-7 and capture memories like never before!

nudibranch by om system
OM System TG-7 Underwater Macro Seahare

Beyond its Tough features, the tough TG-7 boasts a brilliant F2.0 high-speed zoom lens, RAW recording, and a 4x optical zoom lens with an F2.0 aperture for fast shutter speeds and reduced subject blur. The Variable Macro System allows close-up capabilities as close as 1 centimeter from the lens’s edge with a maximum image magnification of 7x, expanding macro photography boundaries. Additional features include a Construction Mode, accessories for system expansion, built-in GPS and sensors, support for vertical video, Pro Capture Mode, Interval Shooting with Time time-lapse movie generation, and USB Type-C charging.

The OM System TG-7 empowers photographers to capture extraordinary images in any environment, whether underwater, in freezing temperatures, or on rugged terrains. For more information, visit OM System web page.

Let’s go underwater soon!

Indeed, we’ve shared with you the impressive specifications and features of the OM SYSTEM TG-7 as per the official press release from OM Digital Solutions Corporation. But we believe in experiencing things first-hand.

So, hold on to your seats because we’re about to take this rugged camera for a real-life test drive – underwater! We’re excited to see how it performs in its natural element and capture some stunning visuals.

Stay tuned to our blog, as we will be back soon with fresh updates, real experiences, and captivating photos captured with the OM SYSTEM TG-7. We can’t wait to share our underwater journey with you!

Main futures of the OM System TG-7

  1. Waterproof up to 15m1, freezeproof down to -10°C, and extraordinary shockproof capabilities. Unmatched Tough performance for photography anytime, anywhere.
  2. Equipped with a brilliant, F2.05 high-speed zoom lens and RAW recording for versatile creative possibilities.
  3. Variable Macro System that transcends human visual limits with close-up capabilities as close as 1 cm from the edge of the lens.
  4. Microscope Mode
  5. Microscope Control Mode
  6. Focus Stacking Mode
  7. Focus Bracketing Mode
  8. Supports diverse underwater shooting styles with five shooting modes and waterproof performance down to 45m when paired with the PT-059 Underwater Housing.

Other features of the OM System TG-7

  1. Full lineup of accessories for system expansion
  2. Built in GPS, air pressure, shooting direction, and temperature sensors. This model is equipped with a Field Sensor System that automatically acquires location information (latitude and longitude), temperature, water temperature, altitude (water depth), and shooting direction tracking data while traveling. Load this information into the OM Image Share (OI.Share) smartphone app to link and display the route traveled along with the altitude (water depth) in recorded images.
  3. Vertical video is also supported on this model, so videos recorded in vertical orientation on the camera are saved as vertical video files, making them easy to post on social media, etc. without the need for any editing software.
  4. Pro Capture Mode begins recording from 0.5 seconds before the full shutter press and continues sequential shooting at 10 fps, making it convenient for capturing shots that are difficult to time, such as flying insects and a milk drop coronet.
  5. Interval Shooting supports up to 299 shots. After shooting is complete, a Time Lapse Movie is automatically generated. In interval shooting, users can set shooting interval priority and exposure equalization processing to deal with sudden changes in exposure between frames.
  6. Equipped with a USB Type-C terminal, charging the battery is possible within the camera body.
  7. The RM-WR1 Wireless Remote Control enables remote shooting and features IP57 protection class dustproof and splashproof performance. The power-saving design is achieved via Bluetooth® Low Energy communication6.
  8. This camera is capable of capturing images that comply with Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism digital photo management information standards, utilizing the touch setting “CALS/CALS H.”


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