Tuesday, 16 April 2024
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Diving Black Sea

Russians have fished out the wreckage of a US fighter jet

In Crimea, Russians have fished out of the Black Sea the wreckage of a US Bell P-39 Aircobra aircraft, dating...

U-boat wreck from 'Hitler's Lost Fleet' found - video

The wreck of the German submarine U-23 was found in the waters of the Black Sea off Istanbul. The vessel,...

World's oldest preserved wreck discovered in the Black Sea

Researchers working for the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project have carried out a huge expedition in the Black Sea region....

A Polish-Ukrainian expedition has discovered a 2500 year old wreck!

Last week a wonderful find fell prey to archaeologists in the waters of the Black Sea! During work near the...

Russian divers find wreck of SS ship 'Boy Federsen' believed to be carrying artworks looted by Nazis - video

With the end of April, a group of Russian technical divers reported the location of the vessel SS “Boy Federsen”....

Former Bulgarian leader's plane as a diving attraction!

A Tupolev Tu-154, which used to be the plane of Todor Zhivkov, the communist leader of Bulgaria, has been embedded...
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