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Revolutionary Avelo Scuba diving cylinder

Published: November 25, 2021 - 09:00
Updated: July 22, 2023 - 23:39
Revolutionary Avelo Scuba diving cylinder

The tank designed by Avelo Scuba is a diving cylinder of a completely new type, which additionally allows dispensing with the BCD.

It would seem that on the subject of diving cylinders manufacturers have already said everything. Meanwhile, the Avelo Scuba company has created a diving cylinder that strongly deviates from the standard tank. The Avelo Hydrotank weighs less and holds more breathing gas than a standard cylinder, plus it compensates for buoyancy and eliminates the need for a BCD.

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Female diver under water There is no denying that this all sounds a bit futuristic and evokes a science-fiction convention. Meanwhile Avelo system is as real as it gets. The whole thing uses a lightweight hydrotank, which has an internal bladder for air storage and an electric pump. The purpose of the latter is to enable maintaining the diver’s neutral buoyancy.

How does Avelo Scuba work?

This is done by adding water to the cylinder, which fills the space around the bladder with air. In turn, when the diver opens the bleed valve, it releases the water from the tank. Submarines operate on a similar principle. As they collect and remove water from their ballast tanks, they can submerge and surface.

The new Avelo cylinder Hydrotank has positive buoyancySo a diver with only air in the tank will float to the surface. To go deeper, he has to press a button and pump enough water into the cylinder. This allows you to achieving neutral buoyancy and carrying out the immersion.

Diver exploring the caverna As the breathing gas is used up and the cylinder increases its buoyancy, diver allows water to be added to it. According to the information the manufacturer has made available, during a 50-minute dive, water only needs to be added twice. Buoyancy is not affected by depth So at the end of the dive, the diver only needs to swim towards the surface. There the water is removed from the hydrotank to regain positive buoyancy.

You no longer need ballast and you borrow all the necessary weight from the ocean – – explains Aviad Cahana, inventor of the Avelo system.

This unusual cylinder allows neutral buoyancy to be achieved without the need for a BCD and ballast. The absence of an air pocket in the form of a BCD eliminates the risk of instability caused by rapid buoyancy changes. In turn, as the manufacturer assures, since the system draws water from the body of water, divers will have the ideal weight for every dive and at every moment.

Wreck and divers in the background System Avelo hydrotank The developers have fine-tuned it with divers of all experience levels. From advanced instructors and industry professionals to people at OWD level. The whole thing went through more than 1,000 test dives, which were conducted in open water in Hawaii.

For now, there is still no official price for the Avelo hydrotank system. The product will hit shop shelves in 2023.

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