Thursday, 16 May 2024
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Barotrauma – Diving Accidents and Consequences

Barotrauma, a condition scuba divers face due to the intense pressures of the underwater world, poses significant risks that are...

First Batch of Diving Safety Management Graduates Set New Benchmark in the Industry

Diving Safety Management Pioneers: First Graduates of Groundbreaking Bachelor's Program Makes way in the Industry

Oxygen Toxicity accident autopsy

Submerged in a submarine-like chamber, Little Miss Sunshine flickers across the curved wall. As nausea and dizziness overwhelm me, I...

The Apocaliptrip 2023 – DCS & VGE in CCR diving

In 2020, DAN Europe joined forces with JJ-CCR and Red Sea Explorers to embark on a research expedition in the...
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