Thursday, 16 May 2024
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ancient shipwreck

A amazing 2,300-year-old wreck has been discovered in Egypt off the coast of El Alamein

Off the coast of El Alamein, underwater archaeologists have discovered a site with an ancient wreck carrying a cargo of...

Stunning ancient shipwreck from 2200 years ago with hundreds of amphorae discovered in Italy

Italian carabinieri have discovered in the Tyrrhenian Sea a stunning ancient shipwreck of a Roman vessel filled with hundreds of...

Capo Corso 2 – fantastic ancient shipwreck from 2,000 years ago full of glass artefacts

Maritime archaeologists using a ROV have excavated beautiful glass artefacts from the ancient wreck of Capo Corso 2, which rests...

Stunning well-preserved wreck of an ancient ship discovered near island Šćedro

A perfectly preserved site from ancient times has been revealed by Croatian archaeologists. At the bottom of the Adriatic Sea...
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