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Do you analyze your gases and why it is so important?

Published: November 14, 2023 - 11:26
Updated: November 14, 2023 - 13:23
Do you analyze your gases and why it is so important?

How often do you dive without pre-diving analyze of your gas mixture?

Even if it’s just air, are you 100% sure that it is just AIR, or you are assuming that it has been? Because what else it could be, the filling station or dive center where you fill your tank – said so, but did they analyze the gas and tell you that it’s AIR?

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I often see people and it’s not just the beginner divers but all sorts from OWD to Technical and CCR divers that don’t analyze their gas, whether it’s a liveaboard in Egypt or a lake dive in your hometown.


bottle stages with nitrox 50% DNA
Deco gas, Nitrox 50

The answers I hear are often very simple and sometimes terrifying.

What else could it be? Or I always fill my tanks here and it’s OK. The DM said it’s AIR or all the tanks are filled with Nitrox 32%, so mine has to be also.

When asked are you sure it’s Nitrox 32, not 29 or 35? They are a bit concerned but anyhow 50% won’t analyze the gas. And the difference between diving on Nitrox 29 instead of 32 to the depth of 40 meters is roughly around 6 minutes of difference in Deco – would you cut intentionally 6 minutes of your deco?

Not to mention when you dive on Nitrox 35 instead of 32 at the depth of 42 m your PPO2 would reach 1,62. Would you dive on PPO2 1,62 intentionally? (beside DECO)

Not to mention that if you are on a dive boat where you have 20 tanks that all look the same, what’s the possibility that the filling station or filling DC made a mistake and put one tank with Air? What if you dived that AIR tank without knowing it?

That’s why we should never blindly trust in what’s:

  1. written on the label if you didn’t analyze it
  2. someone saying to you – they are all Nitrox 32


analyze your gas DNA divesoft
Should the color of the tape inform you about the gas mixture?

Of course, in 9 out of 10 cases nothing will happen, everything is going to be ok but why are people taking the risk of not analyzing their mixtures?

There might be many answers to this. Analyzer is not a device every diver has or is willing to take with him on a dive trip, because it’s expensive, it’s big, and it’s complicated to use.

Yes, analyzers have been always a bit bulky, and in some way complicated especially for beginner divers or divers who have been diving on AIR all the time and are not used to analyzing their gas, which anyhow they should analyze.

Sometimes even if I forget to take the analyzer, I leave it on the desk at the office or in my locker with tanks or in another place, because it will not fit in my pocket.

But what if the analyzer is the size that it could easily be attached as your key chain, or you could have it in your pocket or attached to your backpack?  And what’s more important it would not weigh more than a pack of chewing gums. Yes, it is possible and it’s even more to that, everybody has a smartphone these days and everybody takes it with them everywhere especially when going on trips you all want to take photos, some of you even take them underwater.

So let’s combine those two things, the small size and lightweight (120g) device DNA from Diveosft and your phone. What you get is a lightweight and portable fully working Nitrox analyzer.

DNA Analyzer from divesoft could be an answer for all the above problems.

The DNA from Divesoft is a very small and compact analyzer that connects to your phone and together they work as a NITROX analyzer. Easy to use lightweight and controlled by your smartphone no more excuses for not taking it with you on your dive trip.

But does it work?

Yes, and it’s very easy, quick, and simple.

All you need is the DNA analyzer and an app (free to download from your online store)  – you pair them together by Bluetooth, and you control the device from the app, the rest is the same as with standard analyzers, you measure the percentage of O2 inside your tank and all the data is viewed on your phone.

Divesoft Analyzer DNA app
Divesoft analyzer DNA application

It’s simple to calibrate:  in the App by 2 taps either with Air or Oxygen.

It runs on a CR2450 battery which is small and available all around the world, the battery will keep the device running for almost two years but if you like to be prepared, just take a spare battery that is very small and easy to transport it should be a part of your tech pouch.


In conclusion, analyzing your gas is crucial for all divers, regardless of experience level or dive type. It ensures your safety, ensures you’re getting what you paid for, and can improve your overall dive experience. Take the time to analyze your gas before each dive and don’t rely on assumptions or trust alone. Your health and safety are worth the extra effort. Happy diving!

Stay safe and be an aware diver – Analyze your MIXTURE.

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