Thursday, 16 May 2024
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baltic sea

KFK UJ 301 – amazing digitalisation of the German WWII warship wreck

The Submerged Foundation's diving team has digitalised the wreck of a KFK UJ 301 German warship in the Baltic Sea.

The National Maritime Museum and Baltictech surveyed the very interesting wreck of a wooden sailing ship from the late 19th Century

The Baltictech Group, together with the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, investigated the wreck of a wooden sailing ship in...

Gerrit Fritzen – Baltictech divers discovered amazing German shipwreck from WWII

Nurkowie z grupy Baltictech odnaleźli w Bałtyku wrak niemieckiego statku Gerrit Fritzen z II WŚ, który Sowieci zatopili w 1945...

Busy weekend for Ghost Diving Poland divers in the Baltic Sea

Last weekend, divers from Ghost Diving Poland excavated ghost nets from several popular dive sites in the Baltic Sea.

Espace - Baltictech New expedition vessel

Baltictech Group has launched its new wreck exploration vessel Espace. The unit was specially designed for this purpose and is...

The wreck of a German ship from 1943 has been found in the Baltic Sea

A group of Russian divers from the UWEX team has found the wreck of the German ship SAT 20 West,...

Three divers rescued in the Baltic Sea - they didn't have permission or credentials

On the night of January 14-15, a rescue operation took place in the waters of the rough Baltic Sea for...

In the Baltic Sea, specialists from Denmark have discovered and examined three shipwrecks that are several hundred years old

A Danish research expedition has discovered and explored well-preserved shipwrecks hundreds of years old resting in the depths of the...

Triton Dive Center and Mare Foundation clean up the Baltic Sea!

Triton Dive Center and the Mare Foundation have joined forces and will jointly conduct a diving cleanup of the Baltic...

Mystery of the wreck of the Douglas A-20 Boston bomber in the Baltic Sea

During the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the Badewanne diving group had the opportunity to dive on...
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