Tuesday, 16 April 2024
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DAN Europe summer tour to promote ocean conservation

Proper and balanced development is very important. That is why the popular diving non-profit organisation is taking action in this...

Findings to date on the Tralovac accident

Despite the many contradictory reports immediately following yesterday’s tragic events in the Bay of Gdansk, we have managed to gather...

DAN Poland meeting - Dive Safely - report

It was worth waiting as long as 35 years to participate in the first meeting in Poland with Irena Kosowska...

35 years of the Divers Alert Network

This year marks a very concrete anniversary in the diving world – 35 years of the Divers Alert Network. Popular...

DAN at hand on Friday, 24 November in Gdynia

Soon, on 24 November, on the eve of the famous Baltictech Diving Conference, there will be a meeting with the...

DAN and Divers24

Divers24 is a portal which aims to provide its readers with the latest information from all corners of the world....
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