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Marcin Bramson Discusses His Switch to Divesoft Liberty and the Future of Rebreather Diving

Published: May 17, 2024 - 08:55
Updated: May 17, 2024 - 09:00
Marcin Bramson Discusses His Switch to Divesoft Liberty and the Future of Rebreather Diving

Interview with Marcin Bramson: The Deep Dive into Rebreather Evolution

Marcin Bramson, a well-known figure in technical and rebreather diving, has caught the attention of many in the diving world by changing from using XCCR by iQsub to Divesoft Liberty. His enthusiasm for underwater exploration and his teaching role have motivated many people. We’ve got to talk with Marcin about why he switched, how it affects his training center, Deep Adventure, and his thoughts on where rebreather tech is headed.

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Marcin Bramson divesoft level3


  1. Marcin, you’ve had a long and passionate journey in scuba diving, especially with CCR units. What initially prompted you to switch from open circuit to rebreather, and how has that shaped your diving experiences?

Marcin Bramson: The switch to rebreathers was an important moment for me. In 2007, I realized the open circuit could no longer satisfy my thirst for exploring deeper and staying underwater longer. Rebreathers, especially CCR, offered me the extended bottom times and reduced decompression obligations the silence, not to mention the ability to engage more intimately with marine life. This transition profoundly impacted my exploration capabilities, allowing me to visit and study underwater sites in ways I never thought possible before.

marcin bramson divesoft

  1. Recently, you made a significant decision to change the producer of CCR units that u dive and train on from XCCR made by iQsub to Divesoft Liberty. Can you share the reasons behind this change and what advantages Divesoft Liberty offers over your previous equipment?

Marcin Bramson: My decision to switch to Divesoft Liberty was influenced by several key factors. Primarily, the robustness, reliability, and technological advancement of Divesoft’s products stood out. Their approach to safety, integrated electronics, and redundancy. Additionally, Divesoft’s commitment to innovation and its supportive community played a crucial role in my decision. The Liberty rebreather provides an unmatched level of control and customization, which is essential for the type of technical and cave dives I undertake.

marcin bramson divesoft

  1. How has this change affected your approach to training at Deep Adventure, and what was the reaction from your students?

Marcin Bramson: The transition to the Divesoft Liberty has allowed Deep Adventure to offer more advanced and comprehensive training programs combined with a top-of-the-line high-tech product. The versatility of Liberty units allows us to tailor our courses more specifically to the needs and interests of our students, whether they are interested in wrecks, caves, or deep technical dives. As well as fine-tune the unit’s configuration for the future user’s “travel” preferences. Feedback from our students is very positive, which does not surprise me personally, as they appreciate the hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology and the confidence it gives them in safely managing their dives.

  1. With your extensive experience in various diving projects, how do you see the evolution of rebreather technology impacting the future of underwater exploration and conservation?

Marcin Bramson: The technology offered by the CCR Liberty is a total game-changer, not only for rebreather diving but also for the overall development of diving. Nearly 100% of rebreathers on the market rely on the well-established Shearwater electronics. However, this reliance comes with two significant problems that hinder the development of CCRs.

Firstly, the oxygen dosing algorithm used is the same across all manufactured units, regardless of the breathing loop’s size and volume, the unit’s design, or the oxygen injection point’s location (solenoid). This uniformity causes PO2 “peaks” and buoyancy issues familiar to novice CCR divers, especially at shallower depths.

Secondly, the near-monopolistic position of Shearwater leaves rebreather manufacturers dependent on a single supplier. This dependence stifles innovation in electronics dedicated to CCRs. Shearwater seems more focused on developing products for recreational divers rather than CCRs, with the last significant change being cosmetic over a year ago and the introduction of vibration alarms with the Petrel3 two years ago.

In our daily lives, electronics and automation have advanced significantly, with features like automatic transmissions, adaptive cruise control, and self-adjusting lights becoming standard. Cars can park themselves, and large passenger planes can take off and land automatically, with pilots mainly ensuring the equipment functions properly.

Yet, in the rebreather world, manual control remains predominant. Some manufacturers even regress by developing purely manual units rather than advancing modern technology. In contrast, Divesoft has taken a different approach by developing highly advanced and modern CCR technology. This technology enhances the user’s underwater experience by reducing the need to constantly manage the rebreather, allowing for quicker and more enjoyable mastery of the unit. From the start of their CCR journey, divers can fully utilize the rebreather as a tool for various goals, whether for tourism, exploration, or professional purposes like underwater research.

Importantly, this technology makes rebreather diving safer. The systems in the Liberty support the user and reduce human error. Thanks to companies like Divesoft, I am beginning to believe that CCRs will not only become standard for advanced technical divers but will also enable more comfortable and longer dives for sports divers.

liberty diver marcin bramson

  1. Finally, you live by the principle that a true teacher should always be the most diligent student. How do you continue to learn and grow in your field, and what advice do you have for aspiring divers looking to advance their skills?

Marcin Bramson: I believe there is no end to the pursuit of knowledge, especially in a field as dynamic developing, and yet conservative as diving. And that new technologies are there to help us and there is nothing to fight them but to support and develop them. A good example of this is dive computers, where not so long ago all training organizations taught tables and run time.

And today the computer is a basic piece of equipment for every sport or technical diver and hardly any diver remains involved, participating and leading various diving projects, attending seminars and working with other professionals in the field. My advice to novice divers is to remain curious, constantly seek knowledge, and never become complacent. Surround yourself with mentors and peers who challenge you and share your passion.

Remember that every dive and every conference is an opportunity to learn and grow. Marcin Bramson’s transition to Divesoft Liberty symbolizes his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technical and rebreather diving. Through Deep Adventure, he continues to inspire and educate the next generation of divers, sharing his profound experiences and insights into the underwater world.

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